In the 30+ year span of my decorative art and design career, from Texas to D.C., my painting commissions were dictated by the criteria of clients’ spaces and preferences. As time and circumstance affect our paths, my business shifted primarily to a successful paint color service approximately 5 years ago, heavily influenced by my years of mixing pigments and application of color theory.

On a personal note, I discovered a subject with the recent emergence of all things “Dog”, which highlighted the paintings of such 18th and 19th century artists as Landseer, Stubbs, Emms, and Bonheur. I admire how they honored the integrity and form of the animal while capturing the dogs’ spirit and unique interactions with humans.

Dogs as subject of light, form, and mood became my creative pursuit and was well received with ongoing commissions.

In 2010 I began classes in classical composition, design and color, studying the techniques of the masters as taught from artist to artist in private ateliers. I also changed mediums from acrylics to oils.

Now immersed in these new fundamental aspects of form and color, I am committed to developing my own personal voice. Each painting uses geometric roots as composition formulas for harmonic design. Then a monochromatic underpainting is executed for value control before the layers of paint and consequent glazes are applied.

My work can only benefit from continued workshops with these skilled, recognized artist/teachers who believe in the classical methods. As I study and progress through the layers, I will experiment with figurative work, still life, and landscape.

No doubt the dog as subject will continue to hold my fascination.